All About Nails: Colors and Designs for Summer 2022

Updated: Jun 17

Written by Valerie Delucca


One thing about this girl; I love a good manicure. My trips to the nail salon indeed take up some time. Those who can relate also know nail maintenance costs quite a bit of money. I am going to share with you a big tip on how to save time and money on nail care: learn how to do them yourself. Not only will you save hundreds of dollars, but you can also fix them whenever you need to. If you keep them strong, take your vitamins, and use all-natural nail polish, you can maintain fabulous nails. The Makeup Studio has the perfect polish too! We carry Stella Chroma, an amazing product that is "big five" free, cruelty-free, and paraben-free.

If you are like me, however, you work long hours and forget to wear gloves when cleaning. This is a deadly combination for personal nail care. That is how I convince myself the cost benefit of getting them done at the salon is worth it. Once I go, I know I am worry-free for the next three weeks. I have been getting them done often enough to see some of the current trending nail colors and designs. I want to share them with you all and give you some cute nail inspiration for summer 2022.

Nail Trends this Summer

Art Color Pop for Pride

Love is in the air and it does not discriminate. Neither does The Makeup Studio. We are a proud LGBTQ+ supportive company. That is why I am kicking off this inspiration list with some Pride Month styles and designs. Here are a few that level up from the classic rainbow nail design.