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Halloween Parties at The Makeup Studio

Every Friday night in October The Makeup Studio is hosting a Halloween Makeup Party for girls in grades 5-8. Each week has a different theme with snacks, drinks, and a Halloween makeup lesson. Attendees bring all their own makeup and tools so they can learn from what they already have. Additional products are available for purchase if their makeup kit is minimal.

Our team chose themes that would be fun for this age group. We knew Barbie would be one of the most popular costumes because of the hit movie this summer. Our very first Halloween Party of the month on Friday October 6th had a Barbie theme. We had pink cupcakes, pink punch, and we played the Barbie soundtrack. Our instructor used lots of pinks and glitter! The instructor demonstrates the makeup look on a model, and the students follow along on their own face step by step. Of course this class was perfect for girls dressing as Barbie for Halloween, but also anyone who wanted to learn a fun, glam makeup application.

This coming Friday the 13th, our Halloween Party theme will be Mermaid Makeup. Again, this class is great for anyone dressing as a mermaid this Halloween, but there will be many glam makeup techniques that girls can use for their everyday look and special occasion makeup looks. We will have aquatic themed snacks and drinks, and play The Little Mermaid soundtrack!

The following Friday October 20th will have a Wednesday Addams theme inspired by the hit Netflix series Wednesday. Our team predicts Wednesday Addams will be another very popular Halloween costume this year. We’ll teach a Wednesday Addams makeup application while listening to the show soundtrack and enjoying Addams Family themed snacks and drinks.

We saved the spookiest theme for the last Friday in October the 27th: Salem Witches. This makeup will have lots of dark colors, and a heavy eye look. This class is perfect for anyone dressing as a witch, or anything requiring a spooky, dark, goth makeup look.

These parties are so much fun and teach girls skills they can use every day for years to come. They’re 2.5 hours, so it’s the perfect opportunity for a date night! Drop them off at 6:30pm and pickup at 9pm. All of our employees are either mothers or have years of experience in childcare, so parents can be assured they’re leaving their kids in the best hands. At only $40 a student, it’s cheaper than hiring a babysitter!

Can’t make any of our Friday night parties? You can schedule your own private Halloween makeup class! All ages are welcome, and we can accommodate up to 10 people. Our instructor can teach any theme you and your friends want to learn. Perfect for friends with a group costume! Call us at 973-320-2182 to schedule a private Halloween makeup party any day of the week.

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