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How To Bring Warmth to The Face: Winter Makeup Edition

By Noelle Park

Our skin naturally gets dry and dull during the cold months. The best way to add warmth to your face is through makeup, and here are a few tips on how to add a bit of warmth to your complexion.

Use a matte bronzer

Don't apply a foundation darker then your natural skin color to add warmth to the face. Instead, try dusting a lightly pigmented bronzer over the face to warm your foundation. Start in the center of the face and spread outwards. Using a more pigmented bronzer, contour your cheekbones by applying the product in the hollows of your cheeks and under the jawline. We suggested using a matte bronzer for this contouring step.

Opt for matte and dark eyeshadows:

To make your eyes pop this winter, use dark and matte eyeshadows. Deep colors will make your eyes pop and appear more silvery. You can add a touch of shimmer to achieve a glam eye look. However, matte eyeshadows with rich, dark colors are perfect for the winter and make your makeup look elegant. Taupe and light grey eyeshadows are perfect bases for eye looks. You can draw the shape of the eye makeup you're trying to achieve. Dark browns, purples, graphite, and dark blues are excellent colors for the wintertime.

Moisturize the lips and coordinate your makeup with your outfits:

Lip care is very important in cold months. Be sure to keep your lips moisturized and exfoliated. For lip color, we suggested coordinating your lip colors with your outfits and eyeshadows. For example, if you're wearing dark sultry eye makeup and dark clothing, we suggest wearing red or deep purple lips. However, if you're wearing an outfit with more patterns or a more colorful eye look, opt for a nude or dark pink lip shade.

If your skin is also on the pink side, we suggest you don't wear red lipstick because the combination will make your complexion look too cold. Instead, go for a warmer shade of lipstick if you have a pinkish skin tone and a cooler shade if you have a yellow-based skin tone. This rule will help you balance your complexion, so it doesn't look cold or dull.

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