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January Color of the Month: Black Beauty

From runway to street style, black emerges as the undisputed protagonist, embodying a chic and timeless aesthetic that transcends fleeting trends. Designers are infusing black into their collections, embracing its versatility to create garments that exude sophistication and edge simultaneously. The allure of black lies in its ability to convey a sense of mystery and elegance, making it the go-to choice for everything from sleek monochromatic looks to bold statement pieces. Whether in the form of classic black dresses, tailored suits, or edgy leather ensembles, this season's fashion narrative is written in shades of black, celebrating its enduring appeal and undeniable ability to redefine style.

Beyond being a classic wardrobe staple, black takes center stage in the world of makeup, offering a versatile and sophisticated palette for endless creativity. In the realm of eyeshadows, black becomes a canvas for dramatic smoky eyes or a sleek, defined look. Its depth adds intensity and mystery, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a touch of glamour. Our Space Frosted Eyeshadow is a deep, rich black with a little touch of silver sparkle. It's super pigmented, so a little goes a long way.

From bold winged liners to sultry lashes, black effortlessly elevates every makeup style, proving that simplicity can be the epitome of elegance. The Le Chic waterproof liquid eyeliner has an ultra-flexible felt tip that draws a precise line and lets you adjust the thickness based on the pressure applied. Its effective formula ensures 12 hours of intense color.

Felt tip liners are fantastic for a bold, graphic line. For a softer look or a smokey eye I love our Ultimate Eyeliner pencils. They're waterproof and long lasting, but the formula is very soft making it easy to fade and smudge out.

Black lash glue has risen as the preferred choice for many lash enthusiasts, and for good reason. The deep black hue blends with eyeliner, providing a seamless and cohesive look that enhances the eyes. Unlike clear glue, black lash glue camouflages seamlessly with eyeliner, eliminating any visible gaps or inconsistencies. This not only imparts a professional finish but also ensures that the lashes integrate with your natural lash line. Elevate your lash game with the confidence that black lash glue brings, enhancing both the aesthetics and ease of application for a flawless, captivating gaze.

Stop by The Makeup Studio to try any of these products and so much more! Our makeup artists always use the black lash glue for our free Lash in a Dash service, unless you specify that you prefer the clear glue. Call us to schedule your appointment!

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