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Networking Guide

Attending networking events is one of the greatest and easiest ways to build your business, especially for those who freelance. Beauty, film, entertainment, and bridal are all industries that require constant hustling for ongoing success. Here are some tips for making the best out of a networking event:

Dress for success! Always show up to a networking event dressed the part. First impressions can make or break you. If you’re a beauty professional, your hair and makeup should reflect that. However, you probably don’t want to look to over-the-top glam. A clean, professional makeup and hair look is ideal. You want to show off your skills while still looking appropriate. If you’re wearing fake lashes, go with something on the smaller and more natural side. Wispy lashes are great for a natural look while still giving you that extra pop.

Bring A LOT of business cards! Always give three business cards to one person so they can pass them on to other people. Make sure your business cards have all your contact information, website, and social media handles. Your business cards should be up to date. If your cards look dated or have old information that no longer applies, make the investment in a card that is current with a more classic and clean style that won’t look dated in the years to come.

Charge your phone! You want to be able to add contacts into your phone and follow people on social media in the moment so you don’t have to worry about remembering to do it after the event. Other people are more likely to follow you back and take your contact information if you initiate the exchange right away. It can be embarrassing if your phone has very low battery or dies in the middle of the event. You want to portray yourself as somebody who has everything together and shows up fully prepared. Taking photos and posting them on your social media during the event is also very beneficial. It shows your followers that you are actively putting effort into growing your business. The people you’re taking pictures with will appreciate the exposure on your social media and are more likely to return the favor.

Listen! As much as you want to promote yourself, going in with listening ears may be even more important than talking yourself up. Being an active listener is key for making good connections. If you’re willing to help others out, they are way more likely to reciprocate. People don’t like to work with or help someone who only cares about themself.

Bringing a friend to a networking event can be a great way to make you feel more comfortable if you’re shy. However, you should not stay attached to them the whole time. Staying in your own circle will not help you in any way. Don’t be afraid to branch out and talk to other people!

When it comes to attending networking events, the more the better. Maybe not every single one you go to will get you a job, but you never know who could be there. There’s the potential of job opportunities, new experiences, and connections.

The Makeup Studio will be hosting monthly free networking parties on Thursdays from 6pm-8pm. These events are open to beauty professionals, people in film, tv, photography, bridal, and entertainment. Join us for a fun evening and build your business! Enjoy light fare and mocktails. The next one will be on Thursday July 27th at The Makeup Studio in Nutley, NJ. Go see our calendar on our website for all the upcoming dates. We hope to see you there!

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