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Thanksgiving Inspired Makeup Looks

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

This Thanksgiving, experiment with and create makeup looks to further celebrate the holiday. Whether you’re spending this Thanksgiving at home with the family or enjoying an evening out with friends, these makeup looks are perfect for the chilly days and this heartwarming holiday. We created a few makeups looks to try this turkey day and for the rest of November.

  1. Bronzed smokey eye.

Nothing screams fall make up more than a mix of beautiful shades of browns and shimmery golds. Bronze smokey eyes are a perfect evening Thanksgiving look and are easy to achieve. Blend a light brown shade into darker brown or black eyeshadows to create this look. You can also add some shimmering gold eyeshadow to create more of a glam look. Finally, you can pair this eye look with deep red or orange lipstick to complete the look.

  1. Fall glam.

One of our favorite Thanksgiving-inspired makeup looks is the fall glam, which consists of a strong cat eye look with a matte, bronze eyeshadow, a lightly bronzed face, and rosy pumpkin lipstick.

This look is great for the daytime, and you can also transform it into an evening look by wearing a deeper lipstick color or using a deeper matte, brown eyeshadow for the lid.

  1. Jewel and rose-toned eyes.

You will enjoy this cranberry sauce-inspired look if you enjoy wearing red or purple eye shadows. Blend your favorite purple or rose-toned eyeshadows with a matte brown shadow to create this look. We highly recommend using a shimmery purple or red color to add extra glam. A bold cat eye with liquid eyeliner would also be an excellent addition to this look.

To find products that are high quality and will give you beautiful results this holiday, shop our collection of makeup products and tools. You can find makeup pallets, lipsticks and glosses, and face products that will give excellent results this holiday.

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