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Youthful Makeup Tips

Written by Skylar Peluso

Spring and Summer are in full swing and our makeup routines are evolving with the seasons! This is a perfect time to master a light, natural, and youthful glow using makeup. There are many ways to make yourself appear more youthful with very little effort. Just a few simple products and you’ll be glowing!

Hydrate! Make sure you are always staying hydrated with water and applying moisturizer every morning, before you apply your makeup, and at night. This will give you a beautiful base for your makeup and will naturally make your skin appear younger.

Consider switching to cream blush and bronzer to get a fresh-faced look. Cream products are the perfect way to achieve that dewy sun kissed glow. Or they can work as a base for your powder blushes and bronzers to make them last longer.

Make sure to use a minimal amount of foundation to avoid a cakey and unnatural look. Too much foundation can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, avoid this by using a pea sized amount and only applying in areas you need it most.

Another easy youthful makeup tip is avoiding dark eyeshadows. Dark shades can accentuate fine lines around the eyes. Using softer and lighter shadows will give you more of a clean and fresh look, making your eyes pop!

Using the correct shade of concealer can make a world of a difference in your makeup look. If you have dark circles, use a red based concealer to cancel out the darkness. If your undereyes are red, use a black/yellow based concealer to correct it.

Learning to properly shape your eyebrows can transform your entire makeup look. Your eyebrows frame your face so knowing how to correctly shape them and fill them in is vital. You can reference our “How To: Fill in Your Eyebrows”’ blog for more details on how to master this skill.

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