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CROWN PRO™ Detail Powder/ Contour PL-C530

CROWN PRO™ Detail Powder/ Contour PL-C530


Because of its small size and pointed shape, the Pro Detail Powder/Contour Brush is ideal for setting powder under the eyes as well as packing powder into those hard to reach, high-oil-production areas like the corners of your nose. Because of its tapered shape, it provides total control over product placement and seamless blending, making it the ideal natural contour brush. Because of the high quality, ultra soft bristles, it is ideal for powder products.

  • Bristle Profile

    High grade Synthetic Bristles.

    Easy to clean and maintain with proper care.

    Incredibly soft yet springy enough to maintain shape and structure throughout countless uses.

    Bristles easily picks up large amounts of powder.

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