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The Makeup Studio by offers the best in makeup artistry education. Our focus is professional makeup training with one goal: to prepare students for successful careers as makeup artists. is the originator of 49 Face Shapes, 36 Lip Combinations, and 24 Eye Combinations.

If you multiply 49 x 36 x 24- that's 42,336 ways to do makeup!


We are also the only makeup education company in the world that organizes makeup according to the

7 lighting conditions.

Continue learning with us through revolutionary classes, workshops, and educational and inspirational events.

Become a Professional
Makeup Artist develops your creativity while challenging you as we prepare you for one of the most exciting industries in the world. 

Products, Services, Classes, Can’t-Miss Events, and More 

The Makeup Studio exists to inspire beauty enthusiasts to embrace self-confidence through makeup, fashion, and conversation.

Makeup Classes Nutley NJ
Makeup Classes and Studio Nutley NJ
The Makeup Studio Collection, Nutley, NJ
The Makeup Studio, Beauty and Makeup

The Makeup Studio Collection


Affordable. Gorgeous. It's Makeup You Deserve. 

Inspired by Dawn Maloney, a professional makeup artist, she designed The Makeup Studio Collection to enhance rather than conceal your natural beauty.


The Makeup Studio Collection is a high-quality cosmetic line that works perfectly under the 7 lighting conditions, looks gorgeous, and is simple to apply.

We offer a "Perfect Match" foundation. Our makeup artists custom blend foundation designed for your complexion. 


It's only the makeup you need, nothing you don’t, and it gives results you'll love.

The Makeup Studio Collection, Nutley, NJ

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