About The Makeup Studio

The Makeup Studio by MakeupClasses.com extends beyond our one-of-a-kind makeup courses. Healthy skin never goes out of style. Fabulous makeup is never complete without a stunning outfit. Everyone deserves to come home to a calm and peaceful space.  And men need some TLC too.


That is beauty!


Explore the different areas that make up The Makeup Studio… 


The Makeup Studio

When it comes to our skin, we shouldn’t settle for less! The makeup studio carries The Makeup Studio Collection and an array of skincare products made with top-quality, all-natural ingredients. Our makeup clients browse through our collections that inspire bold and passionate creators. Our skincare lovers try our many vegan, cruelty-free, organic washes, creams, and serums. 

We know the struggle of trying to find the right foundation. We usually have to buy two or three, which we mix to find the right shade. If you’re tired of searching for the right color, come to the store and our expert artist will mix your Perfect Match Foundation. Finally, a foundation that captures your unique complexion. Your skin in a bottle.

The Makeup Studio is for makeup artists. Shop with us so all you visionaries out there have the perfect tools to create. We also offer affordable, discounted prices for professionals. Show your certificate or license to receive your pro discount.


The Runway

Stylish, stunning, sensational. We carry pieces that are American-made by talented artists and designers who create unique and comfortable clothing. Here, you will never have to look too far for something exclusive, on-trend, and self-expressive. At our store, our talented and dedicated staff will help you style for any occasion, season, or reason. From clothes and accessories to makeup, skin, and hair products, we can create a look for you. Bring The Runway everywhere you go.


The Space You Love

Home is where the heart is. Fill yours up with warmth, peace, and serenity. Our home decor collection offers candles, oils, and room spritzers that evoke feelings of tranquility, clarity, and cleansing. We carry crystals that will bring you health and protection. Our handmade blankets will wrap you up in love. Come explore our shop and begin to create your very own spiritual haven.



The James Russell Collection: Men’s Shop

We are always searching for the best products for every one of our customers. Our men's department carries all American, all-natural oils, washes, conditioners, and lip balms. At our store, you will find a soap that is both masculine in scent and gentle on the skin. Look through our James Russell collection for the most unique men’s grooming products.