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Private One-on-One Makeup Classes

Nutley, NJ

Learn how to do makeup for YOUR face!

YouTube tutorials can be great if you want to learn a specific look, but how do you know what looks good for your unique features and anatomy? That’s where The Makeup Studio comes in!

Private Makeup Class


First we teach you about your skin undertone and how to match your foundation. You’ll learn how to pick the right concealer. We then talk about your skin type and which foundation and powder type are best for you.

Learn all about lighting theory and what colors work for different lighting scenarios. We organize your makeup according to lighting. We teach about makeup tools and how to properly clean your brushes.

We map out your anatomy on a face chart for you to take home. You’re one of 49 face shapes, 36 lip combinations, and 24 eye combinations. We apply makeup to one half of your face, while you do the other half step by step.

Our Private One-on-One Classes are two hours. Bring all your own makeup and tools so you can learn from what you already own. Additional products are available for purchase.


All ages are welcome!




$300 with a Studio Artist

$500 with Dawn Maloney,

celebrity makeup artist and educator

Contact us to schedule your Private One-on-One Makeup Lesson!

We are available seven days a week.

Private Makeup Class
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