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Professional Makeup Artistry Courses is your one-stop source for makeup artistry education and inspiration in makeup artistry. We provide professional courses to help you get started on your exciting career as a professional makeup artist.

Our courses teach aspiring artists our unique makeup artistry techniques while also encouraging seasoned artists to broaden their skill set.

We offer both a 40-hour Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques course and a 20-hour Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques course for students who need a condensed class.

Students who complete our Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques courses will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Your certificate will open employment opportunities and substantial discounts from many cosmetic companies.

Makeup artistry is a rewarding and challenging profession filled with endless possibilities for artistic expression.

We invite you to meet with us so that we can get to know you and show you how our courses will help you achieve your career goals.


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Professional Makeup Courses Unlike Any Other's mission is to always provide you with an elite, one-of-a-kind makeup education experience. Our studio, courses, kits, and materials have been designed by professionals for professionals, ensuring that you complete the course with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to start an exciting career as a qualified makeup artist.


We do more than teach you how to apply beautiful makeup. We educate you to be an industry professional.

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Makeup Brushes

40 Hour Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques
Monday through Friday - 5 Consecutive Days

Face Paints

20 Hour Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques
Sundays - 4 Consecutive Sundays will lead you through the makeup profession step-by-step, teaching you a variety of skills and unique methods. You will gain hands-on experience with the creative process while learning the business from the ground up.


Our Makeup Artistry Techniques courses begin with the intense fundamentals and progress to advanced techniques. They include lectures, demonstrations, hands-on applications, and a professional photoshoot. It is designed to quickly transition you from a student to a working professional.


You will master 49 Facial Shapes, 36 Lip Combinations, and 24 Eye Combinations. That’s 42,336 possibilities. This is a unique and revolutionary curriculum written by Dawn Maloney. It is the most comprehensive and advanced anatomy course. You will not learn this anywhere else but at Many professionals, students from makeup schools, and cosmetic company executives have taken this class because of its advanced methods and science-based information on color theory, lighting, foundation matching, and facial anatomy.


Our studio features custom-designed stations with optimal makeup lighting and separate student storage. In addition, our studio has a photography studio area where you will work to build your portfolio and track your achievements.


Your makeup kit includes professional makeup products, a brush set, and sanitation materials. It has everything you'll need to go from student to professional. It's filled with professional products that will build your confidence as a makeup artist and coincide with the theories learned in class. Your class materials have homework assignments to reinforce your learning.


And your learning does not end after you finish your course. We offer ongoing workshops, photoshoots, professional networking, and development opportunities. In every instance, we provide invaluable career assignments and advice to help you advance your career. You will also become a part of the online community. graduates receive professional and VIP discounts from most cosmetic companies. And all of our students and graduates receive a 10% discount on Makeup Studio pro products and tools.


So, whether you're a beginner wanting to learn it all with our course or a seasoned pro looking to brush up and learn new skills, MCC has the courses you need to start or advance your career. Contact us to learn more about what offers.