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Professional Makeup Artistry Courses

Dawn Maloney has taught over 5,000 students in 22 cities across the United States including people who have traveled from all over the world to attend our courses. is your one-stop source for beauty makeup artistry education and inspiration. We provide unrivaled professional courses to get you started on your exciting, lucrative career as a professional makeup artist. 

Professional Makeup Application

Our courses teach aspiring artists our unique makeup artistry techniques while also encouraging seasoned professionals to broaden and polish their skills.

We offer a 40-hour Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques course which includes a twelve section course on special occasion and bridal makeup and business. We also offer a 20-hour Advanced Makeup Artistry Techniques course for students who need a condensed class.

Both courses teach you 49 Face Shapes, 36 Lip Combinations, and 24 Eye Combinations. If you multiply 49 x 36 x 24- that's 42,336 ways to do makeup! This is the most unique facial anatomy curriculum in the world. 

Included in both courses:

  • Professional makeup artistry kit

  • Brush set

  • Sanitation materials

  • Written materials

  • Makeup designed specifically for our unique curriculum 

  • Professional Photoshoot Experience- flash drive with all of your photos

  • Pro discounts (15% -- 40% off) with prestigious cosmetic companies

  • Mentorship and career opportunities

  • Access to ongoing workshops and events

  • Certificate of Completion 

Makeup artistry is a rewarding and challenging profession filled with endless possibilities for artistic expression and financial abundance. 

Let's discuss the best makeup course for you.
Become the Best Professional Beauty Makeup Artist's mission is to always provide you with an elite, one-of-a-kind makeup education experience.

Our studio, courses, kits, and materials have been designed for professionals by Dawn Maloney, celebrity makeup artist, writer, and educator. We ensure that you complete the courses with the skills, tools, and knowledge needed to start an exciting career as a qualified makeup artist.

After completing your course, we offer workshops and events for you to continue to learn and build your career:

  • Free Networking Party every month for professionals in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, and bridal industries so you can grow your collection of professional business contacts.

  • Practice Makes Perfect Class every month which is free for our current and past students. This event is an opportunity to refresh what you've learned in our courses and master your skills.

  • Photoshoot Class occurs twice a month and gives you the experience of practicing makeup with a professional photographer so you can continue to build your portfolio.

  • Current and past students receive a discount on products and tools at The Makeup Studio in-store and online. 


We do more than educate you on how to apply beautiful makeup. We inspire you to be an industry professional.

If you have a group or school that would like to enroll, please Contact Us. We can teach our courses at your location.

Which class are you interested in? 


40-Hour Advanced
Makeup Artistry Techniques
Monday - Friday
5 Consecutive Days


20-Hour Advanced
Makeup Artistry Techniques
4 Consecutive Sundays


One-on-One Private
Makeup Classes

2 Hour Lesson

Schedule a One-on-One Private Class
Makeup Class
Celebrity Makeup Artist, Dawn Maloney
Professional Makeup Course Student
Professional Makeup Class

Many professionals, students from other makeup schools, and cosmetic company executives have taken our courses because of their advanced methods and science-based information on color theory, lighting, foundation matching, and facial anatomy.

Professional Makeup and Hair Photoshoot by The Makeup Studio
Professional Makeup and Hair Photoshoot by The Makeup Studio
Professional Makeup and Hair Photoshoot by The Makeup Studio
Professional Makeup Kit

Hear What Our Students Have to Say

Student Testimonials
Professional Makeup Artist with Client


I took Dawn’s 40 hour advanced makeup course and it was amazing!. I’ve learned so much! Dawn is such an inspiration and wonderful beautiful strong woman. She truly inspires anyone she meets! I am thankful that are lives crossed paths and God bless you for all that you do for your clients. You truly make us feel beautiful and always willing to help anyone who crosses paths with you. You have a phenomenal and amazing business Dawn! Cheers to your success!

Professional Makeup Artist


I want to thank you so much for all you have done for me. It has been a life-changing experience.


I have done about 10 photoshoots and I have 10 more scheduled. That is with one photographer, I am now working on 3 more photographers who want me to work with them. Also, about 6 models, so I am on a roll!

I have a couple of movie offers and a few magazines, so I cannot complain. I am expanding my career very fast and enjoying every minute. 

five stars for website design_edited.png
Professional Makeup Artist with Model


I am a photographer trying to build a stronger headshot and personal branding portfolio. I realize how important makeup is for this genre. What puzzled me in the past is that I makeup appeared to be perfect under naked eyes would look awful on camera. I was researching makeup courses that could teach me photography makeup. I am so glad I found Dawn! Her 20 hours course was perfect for what I need. Not only I learned how different lighting conditions affect the makeup and portrait results, I also learned all the different combinations of face/eye/mouth shapes. It is very eye opening. Knowledge is power! I feel much more confident after the course. Thank you Dawn!

Professional Makeup Artist


Dawn offers the best class around. It is unbelievable how much I learned in just one week. Dawn's class taught me the proper application of makeup for any setting and greatly improved my skill set.


Also, the sanitation that Dawn teaches is unparalleled in the industry, demonstrating her professional methods and attitudes to the beauty industry.


Further, as if that wasn't enough, the amount of professional cosmetics that I received with my tuition has paid for the class and more!

Professional Makeup Artist


I was thrilled with the makeup class I recently completed and honored to have been taught by Dawn herself. Dawn, your energy, passion, and enthusiasm for makeup is infectious. Thank you, for passing this on to me!

I learned so much in a relatively short period of time, not only about the science of makeup and flawless application but also the business side of makeup and insider know-how that are missing from my vast collection of makeup books.


I am so excited about my makeup career! I had my first professional photoshoot last night just 4 days after completing the program. You certainly exceeded my expectations, especially with the aftercare program returning my 'unsociable hour' call the night before to answer my concerns about night lighting for my first shoot. You helped me prepare and it turned out great! It would never have happened without you and the new set of skills Dawn provided me with.


Thank you for showing me the endless possibilities available to makeup artists who know the science behind it.

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