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A Fabulous Makeup Studio Group Event!

Written by Casey Wehr


On Saturday, March 4th, The Makeup Studio hosted a private event for a birthday party. This event hosts up to ten people looking to celebrate and have a fun evening all while learning the essentials of applying makeup professionally.

Using high standards of sanitation, even for applying your own everyday makeup, will result in a cleaner look. We teach clients to only use clean brushes, which is something the average person might not worry about while doing makeup on their own face. Cleaning brushes after every use will assure that your colors are always clean and purposeful. In addition, your skin will thank you! Using dirty brushes can result in breakouts and other skin problems. Attendees learn how to properly wash brushes and even how to get those stubborn stains out.

We begin the class by asking what kind of makeup looks the students would like to learn about. On this particular evening, we demonstrated a smokey eye with a dewy finish and a nude lip. Every class is different and the possibilities are endless. Since attendees are asked to bring their own brushes and makeup every person will have a unique makeup design despite learning the same techniques. This is the perfect event for a group that plans on going out after the class because everybody walks out with a beautiful full face along with the skills needed to replicate the look on another date. If your personal kit is minimal, no worries! We can provide samples of products to achieve the desired look. Book your own private Ladies' Night event with us to celebrate a special evening and learn tips you can use every day!

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