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How To Fill In Your Brows

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Written by Noelle Park


Eyebrows frame the face, so filling in your eyebrows is an important step in makeup application. There are so many ways you can fill and shape your brows, but we have prepared a detailed, step-by-step approach to fill them and shape them to perfection.

  1. Start with clean and brushed-through brows. Before filling in and shaping your eyebrows, you want to start with a clean surface. Make sure there is no makeup on your brows because this could affect how you fill them in and their color. Take a spolie or brow brush and brush your eyebrow hairs upwards. Keep the spolie brush on hand because after you fill it wit

h powder or pencil, you can blend the color into the hairs with the same tool.

  1. Select the correct color. Selecting the wrong color is one of the biggest mistakes we've seen with eyebrow filling. The rule to selecting an eyebrow shade is to select a color that is two shades lighter than your natural brows if you have dark hair and a color that a half to one shade darker if you have light hair.

  1. Using the right tool for the product. Now the next step is choosing the product for your brows and the tool. Product plus the tool equals the best results, so here is a breakdown of which tools to use for specific products.

  • With powders, apply the product on the brows with a stiff, angled brush. Fill in the brows by applying the products in angles and in the direction of how the hair grows.

  • Eyebrow pencils can also fill in empty spaces in the brows, but remember to hold the pencil lightly and make light strokes to fill in the brows. To soften hard lines, you can use the angle brush and powder.

  • Apply with an eyebrow mouse with a mascara wand or spool brush. Avoid applying too many coats on the brows.

The key to filling in brows is to apply products lightly on the brows and to build products. We also recommend taking small breaks from filling and stepping back from the mirror to check if the brows look natural and are even. Take your time while filling your brows because removing products from the brows can be difficult. When filling, always apply products following the growth of the brow hairs.

To create a natural brow, avoid overfilling the front of your brows or overextending the tail end of them. We recommend softening lines so that the brows don't look too harsh. Arches in the brows should also be smoothly curved and not pointed or exaggerated. However, if you enjoy a more dramatic brow, go ahead, square off the brows, and overextend.

We hope these tips are a helpful guide to filling in your brows. To start your filling journey, you can find different brow products and tools in our shop.

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