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It's Time To Glow Up and Reset

I give myself permission to practice beauty resets throughout the year. There are many available launch dates for a good personal do over. Beginning of the year, top of the month, end of the month, Soulful Sundays, Mondays, Thursday nights to get ready for Friday, Friday to get ready for the weekend, special occasions, holidays, upcoming vacation, new season... the list of meaningful do overs go on and on. You get the point: you can start over on any day, any time, any age, and for any reason.

Whenever I feel the need for a new me or a meaningful glow up, I go for it no matter what the day.

I reset constantly because I love the feeling of a fresh start. I enjoy evaluating and analyzing what works and what doesn't. My psyche craves a clean slate. Resets are wonderfully satisfying. When it comes to makeup and skin care, I incorporate new products to my collection in order to have clean, youthful looking skin and to create a fresh new trendy look.

Here are some of my glow up practices that I personally use that you can help you reset.

  1. Organize your makeup and skin care. Decide what is garbage and what is old and expired: throw it out. Wipe containers so they are clean and look new.

  2. Wash your brushes. Clean brushes always give your makeup application a fresh look.

  3. Shop in your own cabinets. If you have products that you don't normally use, start using them! There is no logic in buying products and then just storing them. They are meant to be used to the very last drop. Enjoy what you've invested in. Using what you have can definitely feel new.

  4. Cream shadow. A new cream shadow as a base adds new flair to your every day eye shadow palette. I love cream shadows that have shimmer.

  5. Bronzer. Bronzers are perfect for any season. They give you a healthy sun kissed glow that can put a spring in your step. Bronzers make you look younger.

  6. Exfoliate. A new scrub with a fresh scent brightens and tightens your skin. Makeup moves smoothly on exfoliated skin. Exfoliating towels are great too. I have one hanging in my shower and use it scrub my entire body.

  7. A new lip color. Nothing brings life to a makeup bag than a trendy lip color. Invest in something new to brighten your look.

Want more glow up advice? Personal beauty shopping? Give me a call 973-320-2182 and together we'll create a fresh new look for you. I can't wait to meet you!

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