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The Makeup Studio Presents The February Color of the Month

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Written by Valerie Delucca


February weather is always shocking to me no matter what. That brisk chill we had last week here in the North East was enough for me to implore, "summer please come soon!" We hope you all stayed warm and binged your favorite shows with your loved ones all weekend. This month, we have the perfect color for you to keep warm through any more brutal cold days that come our way.

The February color of the month at The Studio is India Yellow! India Yellow is a deep moody yellow that is rich, warm, cozy, and muted. Because it is of the yellow family, India Yellow is uplifting and cheerful. This particular color is more elemental and absorbs negative energy. India Yellow releases bright, cleansing, and soothing energy.

Let's take a look at the color in depth. India Yellow's parent is the most joyful of colors. Yellow is an optimistic celebration of life. It is neither masculine nor feminine, making it the perfect choice for individuality, freedom, and self-expression. When you play with yellow in your makeup and wardrobe, you will shine bright.

Because it is muted, India Yellow is a remarkably calming yellow. Implementing this in your look displays an essence of security, depth, security, and sensibility. Using it as a key color in your makeup, outfit, or accessories can be daunting to those who embrace classic beauty colors like reds, pinks, and nudes. We have some tips on how you can incorporate yellow in your makeup without straying too far from home!

A nude lip will balance a bold yellow-eye look because it won't take away attention from your eye makeup. Unless it is what you are looking to achieve, having a bright color on your lip could distract from your eye makeup. Yellow is complementary to red on the color wheel so using these two together could be complicated. We also want to avoid looking like a particular fast-food restaurant.

Try using yellow and blue to create something fun for your eyes. Yellow is so powerful on its own, using it as a single-shadowed look will still command a room. A striking yellow liner is a beautiful way of having fun and embracing your creative side as well.

Because yellow is complementary to red in color theory, this color makes deep brown and hazel eyes pop! India Yellow will look beautiful with golden makeup products. Take a look at some of The Makeup Studio products to see how you can create a beautiful muted yellow look for February!

India Yellow is the perfect color for February. It will warm you up during the coldest month of the year. India Yellow is easy to style in our wardrobe because of its similarity to brown. Whether it's makeup or fashion, this color demonstrates grounding stability, and comfort. How will you incorporate the February Color of the Month?

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