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The Makeup Studio Presents The September Color of the Month

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Written by Valerie Delucca


The Makeup Studio hopes everyone had an unforgettable summer. We are ready to embrace this transitional season as we go from bright and light clothing to layering up with some warmer tones. The September color of the month reflects the shedding of trees on your drive home from work. Olive green is a sophisticated choice, reminding us of academia and Ivy League schools. It is a color that works well with caramel, cream, and coffee tones- our fall favorites. Keep reading for ideas to work this color into your closet this month.

Olive green is a dark green color; however, it belongs to a mysterious yellow family (while including grey/black in the yellow tone). When grey/black and yellow are combined, they exhibit a range of shades of olive-green.

Olive green is versatile. It appears classy when paired with neutral colors like beige, tan, and maroon. This color is popular in fashion because it complements most complexion tones. Pair it with complementary reds and violets to bring out the color. Combine it with navy and light grays for a more natural look. The following colors complement olive green:

  • Beige

  • Tan

  • Maroon

  • Navy blue

  • Gray

  • Pewter

  • Purple

  • Red

On the Runway

In Makeup

At The Makeup Studio

You can find the best products at The Makeup Studio to help you achieve these beautiful makeup looks. Browse through the collection below:

Share with us how you will style olive green. We can't wait to see you all look fierce as you embrace this fall season with your style!

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