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The Makeup Studio Presents The August Color of the Month

Written by Valerie Delucca


The summer season is flying by. But, there is something more special about this summer. It is the first "real" summer we've had in quite a while. That is why our August color of the month is bold. It's fierce, sassy, and sexy. It follows the Y2K trend that has taken the fashion world by storm. The Makeup Studio had to show our appreciation for this color resurrection. Bright fuchsia pink is our choice to express that we are living life to the fullest!

Fuchsia Symbolism

The bright, powerful appearance of fuchsia is energetic and cheerful. It's likely to be thought of as a fun and even daring color.

Because it resembles pink, fuchsia is likewise considered a feminine color—but one that is more assertive and sophisticated than pastel pink or baby pink. Many female-oriented firms have used it to express a feeling of attitude. The women's magazine Cosmopolitan, the fashion line Betsey Johnson, and the television show Sex and the City, for example, all employ fuchsia in their logos.

Fuchsia is thought to generate confidence and assertiveness in color psychology.

Fuchsia in Fashion

Celebrities are rocking this color everywhere we look from Dua Lipa to Harry Styles. Fashion icon Zendaya stepped out in head-to-toe fuchsia during the Paris fashion week in March. This bright pink illuminated the runways too. Below are some of the looks we love. Use them as inspiration for your very own August fuchsia moment!

Colors to Compliment

Fuchsia can be mixed with a variety of other colors. It commands attention when paired with black. It looks great with lime green, which is its complimentary color on the color wheel. Fuchsia, when mixed with a bright yellow or orange, makes a powerful, eye-catching color palette, but it may also be used with cool grays. Colors that complement fuchsia include:

  • Lime green

  • Mint

  • Tangerine

  • Yellow

  • Black

  • White

Fuchsia in Makeup

Bright pink is one of the beautiful colors to play with during the summertime. Pink is a universally flattering color. It can be used for statement makeup or to bring out the natural flush in your cheeks and face. We included two beautiful makeup looks to try this pink trend. We also have some fantastic products at the makeup studio. See our pink suggestions below. You can purchase them right here on MakeupClasses.Com!

Blush Glow Cocktail $14

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