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The Makeup Studio Presents The June Color of the Month

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Written by Valerie Delucca


The beginning of spring in Northern Jersey was, as usual, a bit temperamental. We had a few of those notorious weather days that remind us of Katie Perry's "Hot and Cold." We also had rain; a lot of rain. Too much rain. We at The Makeup Studio are ready for some sunshine. That is why our selection for the June Color of the month is June Day: a saturated tangerine-yellow. This color serves as a reminder that warmer days are ahead of us and we are embracing it!

Yellow is vibrant, exciting, optimistic, and represents both enlightenment and creativity. This color makes learning easier as it affects the logical brain. It is also the color of communication. If you want to make a statement, this color speaks volumes! Yellow draws people in with its charm and energy. You can be bold with your look or use yellow as a beautiful accent for the perfect pop of color.

We are seeing yellow in fashion everywhere. The 2022 runway is bright and festive. The world is ready to step out and show up. Here are some of the yellow looks that hit the runway for Spring/Summer.

Don't have any yellow in your closet? Or maybe, you're looking for something new for your June Color of the Month attire- The Runway Collection at The Makeup Studio has what you need. We carry beautiful, American-made, clothing and accessories. Take a look below.

We also carry marvelous makeup products that will complete your look this summer. The products below are our selections for everyday June makeup looks.

Let's start with skin! Pin Up Cosmetics is a women-owned, eco-conscious company. They make handcrafted, natural, and vegan beauty products. This company will have you, and your skin, feeling good. They make our favorite skincare line. My personal favorite is our lavender and chamomile face cream. It's a luxurious cream and will help calm headaches and sensitive, irritated skin. Pair it with the soothing lavender facial cleanser to wash away a long day spent in the hot sun.

Lavender Facial Cleanser ($16.00)

Crown Pro™ products are our go-to for professional artists and makeup enthusiasts. The Bronze and Glo palette will enhance, bronze, and highlight the natural structure of your face. Our Crown Pro™ Tuscany eye shadow palette has warm orange and golden colors that mimic a romantic sunset. These colors look best under fluorescent (office) lighting. Any purples, pink, and cooler blue colors will pop under incandescent (restaurant) lighting. Tuscany also includes your essential neutral colors: white and black. The entire palette will look incredible with your favorite yellow outfit.

Our indelible gel eyeliners will stay, even on a hot summer day- we know because we've put them to the test!

The Lucile and Pompette lip butter hydrates and plumps for the ultimate two in one. We selected a beautiful nude shade for June that will compliment a fun brush of blush. If you are unsure of what color matches your complexion, our talented staff can help!


Stop by our store in Nutley for quality products and exceptional service. You can also browse through our shop online at Share with us how you plan on styling your yellow this June.

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