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Back to School Skincare and Makeup

Written by Allie R.

As summertime starts to come to its end, there’s no better time for a makeup and skincare refresh. Here are some of my favorite tips to start your school year off right.

Skincare Routine

As summer winds down and fall weather hasn’t quite arrived yet it’s very important to keep your skincare routine going strong. It's so easy to let your self care slip while you're getting back to the ol' grind. Chances are you’ve probably been spending more time in the sun this summer so your skin might be depleted of moisture and possibly feeling lackluster or uneven. A serum containing chamomile can help calm and soothe sensitive sun stressed skin.

A new moisturizer added to your daily routine will help bring your skin back to balance. Apply a serum and then your moisturizer morning and night on cleansed skin. In daytime a vitamin C serum can protect you from future damage to your skin as well as provide a healthy glow where lavender can calm inflammation. At nighttime vitamin C can help correct from past damage and lavender keeps your skin calm and balanced.

And don’t forget an SPF over your moisturizer during the day. That is always a must.

Clean out your Makeup

No better time to see what you may need than the end of the summer season, right?

I like to go through my products to see what I can get rid of and what I have to replenish. And summer’s end is a good time to start thinking about what I can add, especially when it comes to makeup to compliment my new fall wardrobe. An organized and thoughtful makeup and skincare space is essential for a good beginning to a great school year.

Keep it Simple

You know that saying "less is more?" Well I believe this is very true when it comes to a back to school makeup routine. After your daily skincare your school makeup routine should be simple and minimal. Think daily beauty enhancement. A shimmery eyeshadow or a pencil liner with some mascara and a complimentary lipgloss or tinted lip balm. A pretty cream blush to enhance your skin can be just the right amount of makeup for your day.

Uneven skin tone or dark circles? A tinted moisturizer/foundation or a light concealer applied only where you need it can work wonders too! Make sure you have all the right tools for an easy and even application. You’ll feel light, fresh and ready to take on the day.

Try out New Trends

Even though I believe that makeup is very personal to the particular individual, Back to School can be a fun time to try out new makeup trends. We see them all over the internet but sometimes it’s hard to know if they’ll work for you or how to execute them for YOUR face. Book a private lesson with one of our makeup artists! We teach you about your unique facial anatomy and what enhances your natural beauty. You bring in all your own makeup and tools so you can learn from what you have. Our makeup artists will also let you try our products if there's anything you don't already have.

Remember the best way look and feel beautiful is to smile and spread your kindness to others. Have a wonderful school year! Can’t wait to see you soon!

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