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BB Cream vs. CC Cream vs. Foundation

BB cream, CC cream, and foundation are all popular cosmetics designed to enhance the complexion, but each serves a distinct purpose and offers unique benefits.

BB Cream (Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm):

BB cream is a versatile multitasker that combines skincare and makeup. BB creams typically offer light to medium coverage and often contain ingredients like moisturizers, SPF, and antioxidants. They aim to provide a natural, dewy finish while addressing various skincare concerns such as blemishes and uneven skin tone. BB creams are an excellent choice for those who prefer a lighter makeup look and want added skincare benefits in their daily routine.

The BB Cream from Pin Up Cosmetics is one of our most popular products. It's handmade in San Francisco in small batches to ensure freshness. It sells so quickly we can't keep it on our website so this BB cream is only available in store. Stop by to try it out and see what the hype is all about!

CC Cream (Color Correcting Cream):

CC cream takes the concept of BB cream a step further by focusing on color correction. It is designed to address specific skin tone issues such as redness or sallowness. CC creams usually have a lighter texture compared to BB creams and provide a more even complexion by neutralizing discolorations. Like BB creams, they often include skincare ingredients, but the primary emphasis is on color correction. CC creams are suitable for individuals looking to balance their skin tone and achieve a more uniform appearance.

Dark circles are the most common area people want to conceal. They can also be the trickiest to hide because no matter your age, everyone has fine lines around their eyes. If you pile on too much product, it will crease in your wrinkles causing you to look older. That's why you need a product that just a little will go a long way.


Foundation is a classic makeup product that comes in various forms, including liquid, powder, and cream. It offers a broader range of coverage options, from sheer to full, allowing individuals to customize their look based on personal preferences and needs. Foundations focus solely on providing an even base and concealing imperfections without the additional skincare elements found in BB and CC creams. They are a go-to choice for those seeking more coverage and a polished, long-lasting finish, making them suitable for special occasions or daily wear, depending on the formula chosen.

For a matte finish, we have our Perfect Finish Foundation. This formula is excellent for those with normal to oily skin. It provides more coverage than our Aloe Foundation, and has amazing longevity.

Our Aloe Foundation is our most popular foundation formula. It's very lightweight, with a dewey finish leaving you with a fresh and hydrated glow. We offer custom blend foundation services for both foundation formulas! Call us to set up an appointment to get your skin in a bottle.

While BB creams prioritize a natural look with added skincare benefits, CC creams emphasize color correction, and foundations offer a customizable range of coverage for a polished finish. The choice between these products depends on individual preferences, desired coverage, and specific skincare needs. Walk in or call to schedule a free consultation with an expert makeup artist to find the best products for you.

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