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Can I Wear Foundation Everyday?

Everyone should feel comfortable and love the skin that they're in and go bare faced whenever they feel like it. It is also good to let your skin breathe, and allow your skin care to have full stage so it can work its wonders. However, if your a makeup person and like to always have evened out skin-tone, a flawless finish, or even a “barely there”radiant look for the gym, the answer is absolutely YES! you can wear foundation everyday too. There are a few things to consider when wearing a foundation daily.

1.) Choose a foundation that is healthy for your skin. Think about it. If you read the labels and

ingredient list, you will discover that not all foundations are created equal. You don’t want a

foundation that has a ton of fillers, parabens, and has other ingredients that will cause your skin break out. You will find out from trial and error what ingredients give your skin a bad reaction.

2) After your skincare, be sure to use a primer before the foundation to not only help the

foundation look better, but it will act as a “barrier” in between your skin and the foundation

which will also help prevent break outs.

3) Be sure to look at the expiration dates to make sure the foundation is still okay to use. If the foundation doesn’t look normal and is separating when it’s not supposed to —- toss it !! This symbol will tell you how long your makeup is good after opening it:

4) Apply with clean tools! Whether you apply your foundation with a brush or beauty blender, deep clean your tools AT LEAST once a week! The more often you clean your tools, the less likely you are to develop breakouts.

5) Don't sleep in your makeup! Clean your face every night before going to bed and follow up with a moisturizer. If you're wearing foundation everyday, it's very important that you give your skin a break while you sleep. I recommend an all natural gel cleanser that suds well.

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