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Foundation or Concealer First?

There are no rules in makeup, so whatever you feel works for you is always gonna be the right method. As for me, I like to put my tinted moisturizer or foundation on first because I want it to do its job which is to enhance the look of the skin over all.

Since concealer is used mainly to hide imperfections, I allow the foundation to work and even out the skin to the best of its ability, and then see how much more coverage I would want to have. If I’m going for a natural look, foundation may be enough coverage. If I want a flawless look I will then add the concealer and perfect the skin in the areas that need coverage only.

Just remember to apply concealer sparingly. The goal is to neutralize dark circles or redness instead of simply covering it up. Adding too much concealer will look cakey and can accentuate fine lines and wrinkles. Use a pink based concealer for dark circles and a yellow based concealer for redness/blemishes.

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