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Perfect Night Time Routine for Beginners

Written by Kelly Brennan


When you’re ready to start being one of the “it” girls who do a lengthy beauty and skincare routine every night, it’s definitely going to feel overwhelming at first. You might be thinking “What does a scrub even do?” “What does collagen mean?” This is your one-stop-shop for your perfect night time routine.

After a long day at work or school, you’re going to want to come home and immediately change into some comfy clothes and take off your makeup and brush out your hair. So quickly get into your cozy chenille bathrobe and start by taking off your makeup. You want your eyelashes to stay long and luscious so you should start by using micellar water or an oil based makeup remover to take off your mascara. Use a makeup wipe to take off the excess oil around the eyes as well as your face makeup. Make sure to use something that’s gentle on the skin, fragrance free, and dermatologist approved.

Get your shower water running so it’s nice and hot for you and put a shower steamer on the floor to get you fully relaxed. Shower steamers are just like a bath bomb but easier to manage. The scent of eucalyptus and spearmint is great to help you destress after a long day. Lavender is another scent that you could use that helps you relax. Our Lavender Body Oil by White Dragon Apothecary is a great product to use because it’s only made out of three ingredients.

Make sure to wash your hair thoroughly with the right shampoo and conditioner, making sure that they’re free of sulfates to keep your hair as healthy as possible. A great option is the Bella & Bear Hawaiian Sea Salt Shampoo and Conditioner which are healthy for your hair and smell amazing. Use a scalp scrubber to really get the oil and dirt out of your hair, but make sure to leave a little bit of conditioner in your hair when you’re rinsing to leave it a little slimy… this will keep your hair shiny and soft.

Wash your face with a gentle scrub and then go in with an all natural cleanser like the Pin Up Cosmetics Rose Facial Cleanser to get your face clean of excess dirt and makeup and get it prepared for your moisturizer and serums.

When you get out of the shower squeaky clean, put on your coziest and most luxurious pajamas. You can grab satin pajamas at retail stores for cheap, or go high end and buy them from a luxury brand which are usually made with real silk.

As you’re brushing through your hair, make sure to put some kind of oil in the ends of your hair while it’s damp to keep the ends soft and prolong the start of the inevitable split ends. Style your hair as you normally would.

As for skincare, you should be using some acne spot treatment for problem areas such as your t-zone and a strong serum and nourishing moisturizer. I recommend Pin Up Cosmetics Refresh Serum, and our Our Lavender and Chamomile moisturizing cream. Make sure to gently pat it into the skin and don’t aggressively rub it in because that’s what causes premature wrinkles. Instead, buy a jade roller to gently push the products into your skin.

After you’ve showered, done hair care, skincare, and are finally ready for bed, make sure to set up a glass of ice cold water and get cozy under your weighted blanket for a good night’s rest.

Enjoy your nights again with this relaxing routine. After all of this, you're sure to sleep well. This is the perfect nighttime routine that focuses on self care and proper skin, hair, and makeup care. Send us pictures on Instagram @makeup_classes_ to show us YOUR nighttime routine!

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