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Summer Skincare Guide

Written by Allie R.

As Summer is nearing its hottest time of the year, it’s very important to continue your daily and nightly skincare routine. You should always follow a regular routine regardless of the weather, however it’s crucial to remind all of you how to protect and preserve your skin while the temperatures rise outside.

Step 1: Remove your makeup (if you're wearing any.) Makeup wipes or micellar water are the obvious choice, but if you have sensitive skin these options might irritate your skin. For something more gentle, natural and hydrating, try coconut oil! It's also more cost effective if you buy a large jar of it. Natural oils will break down even your most stubborn, long-lasting makeup products. Check out our Makeup Tip Monday on coconut oil as a makeup remover:

Step 2: Use a light cleanser to start your morning or nighttime routine off right. I like to use a lightweight gel based soap free cleanser. To begin, dampen your face and apply a pea-sized amount of the cleanser with your fingers and use small circular motions all over your face and eyes. Then splash your face with water to cleanse.

Step 3: Use a toner to prep your skin for your serum or moisturizer. I like a natural based toner that doesn’t dry out my skin. Apply with a cotton pad all over your face avoiding the eye area and lip area. Or just use a spray toner all over your face. Just don’t forget to close your eyes and mouth while doing so!

Step 4: If you are like me, you always use a serum under your moisturizer regardless of the season. It’s my treatment step. I find it works as a catalyst for my moisturizer by helping it to absorb better into my skin and serums contain anti aging ingredients that help protect from future and past damage. Again, a little goes a long way, so apply a pea sized amount all over the face by lightly massaging with fingertips.

Step 5: Moisturizer. Serums are great but they do not protect and hydrate your skin the way your moisturizer does. Also, your moisturizer helps lock in all those key ingredients for your skin. There are many different formulations and kinds of moisturizer, even for oil prone skin. Depending on the consistency, take a dime to a quarter sized amount and massage all over the face and don’t forget your neck too. If you are wearing daily concealer like I do, and even at night to protect I always use an eye cream to prep your under eye area. Tap gently around orbital bone and outer eye area to insure a complete application.

Step 6: For daytime only, our final and most important step is applying sun protection factor. Besides protecting your skin from damaging and cancer causing uv rays, it is the most anti aging product that you use on your skin. There are so many ways to apply this important step. Make sure that you reapply throughout the day especially when you are outside. There are lotions, creams, powders, sticks, sprays. Pick what formulation and type works best for you. Make sure it says broad spectrum too. Did I say final? I forgot to say to use a protectant lip product at night and one with an SPF in it for daytime use.

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to beat the heat, look fabulous and protect and soothe your skin while doing so. I highly recommend all of the products listed in this blog. They're all made in small batches to ensure freshness by independent companies in the USA. These are clean products made with all natural ingredients. To try any of these products and more stop by The Makeup Studio! We're happy to help you find the best skincare for your skin type.

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