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Summer Skin Trend 24

For Summer 2024, the unique trend for skin that is setting the stage appears “opalescent”, “holographic”, and just like an “angelic veil”. This look is the star of the season and is the biggest trend of the summer. As we experimented with the dewy and glowy trends in the past, this summer will take it to the next level with a pearlescent shine on the skin that will be strategically placed wherever you mean it to stay.

In fact, the skin does not have to even stay dewy all day and can still be matte, while giving the skin its radiant finish. Also, using cool tones are key. Instead of bronzers these cool contouring tones will put you right on the runway for this season. Carving out the structures of your face with cool undertones will bring out your natural features, leaving you room for the glistening contrast you will place on the areas you want to highlight. 

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