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Sustainable Vegan Beauty: River Organics Zero Waste Packaging

Written by Skylar Peluso


Sustainable Vegan Beauty

The Makeup Studio is excited to welcome a new line of beauty products, River Organics. River Organics is an independent beauty line based in Wilmington, NC. Not only are their products vegan, but they are entirely sustainable and formulated to be safe and hydrating for all skin types.

We are proud to carry the Zero Waste Concealer, which is perfect for covering any blemishes and circles. We adore the quality of this product and can not recommend it enough. Amongst the concealer, we also carry the Rose Quartz Highlighter and Bloom Blush Stick. These cream products add a youthful glow to anyone's face, leaving your skin feeling better than ever.

The great thing about all-natural and vegan beauty products is they can double as skincare. Some makeup can possibly leave your pores clogged, and the chemicals can cause breakouts. This brand strives on keeping its ingredients completely natural and safe for all skin types.

If you are interested in this natural beauty line and are looking for products that will keep your skin clear and glowing, be sure to check these products out below. Take look at the other products we have in our Sustainability Collection, too!

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