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The Makeup Studio Presents The January Color of the Month 2023

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Written by Valerie Delucca


Happy New Year makeup artists, beauty enthusiasts, clients, and friends! We are so excited to start a new year filled with optimism. Post-lockdown energy has our studio amped for 2023! The Makeup Studio continues to take all the necessary precautions to protect our clients as we help them prepare for special occasions, dinner dates, family parties, and a night out with friends. We are continuing with our Ladies Night, Teen Beauty Prep, and Glamping classes this year so be sure to check out our calendar for that and more of our special events.


The January color of the month at The Studio just happens to be the Pantone 2023 color of the year! Viva Magenta is both playful and sexy, bold and muted. Because it is of the red family, viva magenta is eye-catching and we are instantly captivated by its charm. To begin the year with this color is to begin it right and The Makeup Studio believes it is the perfect January color.

Pantone named Viva Magenta the 2023 Color of the Year. They explore the meaning of the color in depth citing it as an inspiration, promoting a joyous and optimistic celebration of life. When you wear this color, it commands attention. Using it as a key color in your makeup, outfit, or accessories can be daunting to those who embrace nudes and neutrals. We have some tips on how you can incorporate Viva Magenta in your makeup without straying too far from home!

The magenta lip will give the appearance of a full face of makeup, even if all you have on is a bit of mascara. This dramatic lip color is a power play. Smoothing out the edges calls for a softer, more delicate look. A sharp, matte-lined lip is intentional and means business while a sharp glossy lip is seductive, fun, and irresistible. Play along with the styles and try the different lip styles shown in our blog. The Makeup Studio's very own collection carries a variety of magenta lip colors linked below! Browse through all our lip products to find the shade that fits your skin tone.

Red complexions- a warmer magenta with more yellow/ orange hues

Yellow complexions- a cooler magenta with dominant blue/violet pigments

Green complexions- a warmer magenta with more yellow/ orange hues

Because magenta is complementary to green in color theory, this color makes green and hazel eyes pop! It will also look best in warmer restaurant lighting which usually provides an orange-like glow.

Magenta is the perfect color to wear for dinner dates, weddings, and other special events due to its graceful transition from daylight to nightlife. Whether it's makeup, fashion, or hair, this color is a gorgeous display of life, self-expression, and creativity. How will you rock Viva Magenta this January?

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