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The Makeup Studio Presents The July Color of the Month

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Written by Valerie Delucca


Heaven is here! Every year, I fall head over heels in love with the blissful sunshine of July. My favorite thing to do is sit outside and soak up the sun. Vitamin D boosts my energy, improves my mood, helps me sleep, and gives me a gorgeous natural glow. Join me this summer and don't forget your sunscreen!

June has come and gone. We saw so many beautiful shades of yellow at The Studio. Our customers embraced the color of joy, creativity, and enlightenment. Now it is July's time to shine; with it, we are announcing a new color of the month - seafoam green.

Seafoam green is a blue-green mixed color reminiscent of the summertime and ocean tides. The color takes on the best qualities of both blue and green. It is calming, cleansing, and relaxing like the color blue. It is invigorating, regenerating, and renewing like the color green. Seafoam is a green dominant color and perfect for the start of the summer. This is when we have the most energy to make new memories and explore.

Green in Fashion

Shades and hues of green and blue showed up all over the spring/summer runway of 2022. Below are some of our favorite looks from top designers from Gucci to Stephane Rolland.

Green in Makeup

Summer is the best time to experiment with a pop of color. The Makeup Studio collection has amazing American-made, waterproof, indelible products. They will help you create something bold, eyecatching, and spirited. Listed are a few of our most adored products by our artists and clients. We paired them with a few trending eye looks to try out!

The Makeup Studio looks forward to seeing all of our stylish clients wearing the July color of the month. Email us pictures of your makeup, nails, hair color, and clothes. We love to see your creativity!

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