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The Makeup Studio Presents The March Color of the Month

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Written by Valerie Delucca


The famous March saying, "In like a lion, out like a lamb," relates to makeup perfectly. As our closets transition, our makeup styles, trends, and products change with it. Heavy, bold makeup begins to shed with the weather and we begin to explore light, bright, exotic colors. We also want less coverage as we soak in all that vitamin D by soaking up the sunshine.

silver makeup look
Casey Wehr Makeup Artist in Soft Silver Glam

We chose silver as the March "color" of the month because it is a strong metal. Metals are classic and move easily in fashion. They flow from one season to another. That’s what this water-focused season is all about, flow. Silver is timeless. We can use silver to accentuate a bold makeup look or lightly to add softness and femininity shown above.

Silver is gray which actually is achromatic, meaning "colorless." So the "color" of the month is actually not a color at all. Grays photograph true under any light source making it perfect to incorporate this in your look any time of day. Your makeup will look the same from morning to night.

Because it is neutral, you can get really creative playing with different color blush, lip colors, and variations of smokey eyes. Silver can be fierce, like a lion, or soft like a lamb. Perfect for this transitional month. See products from The Makeup Studio that you can use with silver!

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