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The Makeup Studio Presents The November Color of the Month

Written by Valerie Delucca


Falling leaves and brisk cold weather. In New Jersey, our closets are changing and tans are fading or are long gone. This transitional time is an excellent opportunity to adjust, accomplish, or reflect on the goals we set for 2022. We have a couple of months left before a new year arrives and the excitement of 2023 brings different intentions our way. Bringing it to the present, November kicks off the holiday season. Whether it is Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving, The Makeup Studio has a gorgeous color of the month that looks amazing on everyone... or should we say colors*. For November, we think an array of caramel hues are the perfect selection.

Brown is our parent color this month. It is the color of stability and reliability. It is spiritually grounding and inspires us to appreciate the simple things in life. This symbolism is perfect for November when gratitude no longer becomes a theoretical concept but a practice. We get together with our loved ones and show appreciation for the ones who give us our footing.

Light brown- friendly, welcoming, honest, sincere, and genuine.

Beige- considered practical, reliable, conservative, and loyal.

Tan- evokes feelings of warmth and security. It also gives a sense of the same earthy stability that many members of the brown family do.

Nude- Neutrality is attributed to the color nude. Unsurprisingly, this same neutrality means it’s a perfect accent color for any other shade found in the color wheel.

In Fashion

Browns are popular among designers and influencers. In fashion, brown is considered neutral which means it will complement any color you pair it with. Below is some runway-style inspo.

In Makeup

Brown in makeup looks best in daylight. Browns mimic our skin and the trending "no makeup" makeup look means that they are dominating the industry right now. Many nude or neutral color palettes include gorgeous shades and hues of our color of the month. Below you will find a few looks to try yourself. They are perfect for everyday wear or soft glam for holiday parties.

Get the Look

Want to recreate these gorgeous natural makeup looks? Found below are the palettes and makeup sold at The Makeup Studio to do so. Questions you have about using our products can be answered by our talented makeup artists! Just stop by, give us a call, or email us at

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