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Touch Up Makeup On-the-Go

Updated: 16 hours ago

By Danielle Smeraldo

Let’s face it, even the toughest makeup can't withstand everything life throws at it. Whether you're running around town, sweating it out at the gym, or just too busy to check your reflection during the day, your makeup might need a little pick-me-up. But don't stress, touching up can be a piece of cake if you've got the right tools and a bit of organization. Here are some easy tips to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long:

1) Have multiple sets of a small makeup bags with many “travel sized” products for different

occasions that you can grab and touch up quickly. There should be a bag in your car, at

your work desk, and in your purse.

2) Each set of products should contain q-tips, a mini pack of makeup wipes to take of any

runny makeup, a travel sized mini brush set, a small light weight or if you prefer heavier

concealer, one powder or bronzer of your choice, one eyeliner and one lipliner with

sharpener, and a lipstick or lipgloss. These are staples that can be added to the face to give

a fresh flawless and finished appearance no matter how bad your original makeup was

behaving that day. Products that come in a compact with a powder puff are ideal for traveling.

3) If you are going out at night and have a small clutch, use a waterproof products including

setting spray and bring just your touch up lipstick. Many setting sprays can dry out the skin. Choosing clean, all natural makeup and skincare products will reduce damage to your skin.

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