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August Color of the Month: Lavender Shimmer

For August, we chose a color we’ve seen trending this summer. Lavender Shimmer is a soft metallic, with a beautiful blend of purple and silver. Purple is not usually used in summer fashion, but this year it’s hot!

Purple has a long history of being associated with royalty and wealth because producing purple pigment was very costly and difficult in ancient times. Roman emperors would penalize their citizens for wearing purple because it was meant to be exclusively for the upper class. Today we still see it as a majestic, royal color, but it can also represent spirituality and femininity.

So how can one incorporate this color into their makeup? Eyeshadow is the most obvious answer. Lavender Shimmer on your eyes is a great way to add a pop of color to your face. Our Unicorn Metallic Velvet Eye Shadow is a great addition to your makeup bag!

For a more dramatic eye look, the Unicorn Metallic Velvet Eye Shadow can be used as a base underneath any of the Eye Kandy Glitters Purple Collection.

For a unique look, we also carry a couple of purple blushes. Zen is a soft blush with a hint of lavender.

Forever is a deeper purple. This one looks stunning on darker skin tones. It also works for lighter skin tones for a creative look.

Both of these blushes have a hint of shimmer and are fantastic for adding some glow and highlight to your cheeks.

Create a soft, regal look with any of these Lavender Shimmer products! To try any of them out, stop by The Makeup Studio! To learn summer makeup application, sign up for our next Ladies Night Class on summer skincare and makeup. It's on Wednesday August 9th from 6:30pm-9. We hope to see you there!

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