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Color of the Month- Brown Sage

For September, we chose a color we saw all over the runway for the Fall/Winter 2023 collections. Neutrals are very popular for this season: Valentino, Rokh, and Versace created their collections almost exclusively in grays, black, and white. Mui Mui and Louis Vuitton have a similar palette, but with the addition of this Brown Sage. Just about every designer has it featured in their collections this season. It's a warm brownish green. It symbolizes sophistication and a connection to the natural world. This promotes a sense of relaxation and wisdom, which is just what we need while going back to school and getting back to the grind.

Brown Sage is a perfect color to incorporate into your eye makeup this Autumn. A little in the crease of your eye along with neutral browns and tans will go a long way. If you have large eyes you can probably even carry brown sage right on your eye lids. If your eyes are small, you want to stick with light colors on the lids so you don't minimize them any more. Pin Up Cosmetics makes a beautiful Vegan Mineral Eye Shadow in a variety of colors, including Envy which is spot on with our Color of the Month. It's a loose eye shadow, so it's fantastic for professional makeup artists maintaining high sanitary standards. They can just sprinkle a little out without scraping a palette. Of course, this product can be used in your personal makeup collection as well with an eyeshadow brush.

Green eyeliners are another great way to incorporate this color into your eye makeups. I recommend applying a pencil liner right on the water line, and/or your bottom lash line. For a more subtle look, you can blend it out with a small brush. Envy Me is a beautiful darker green, while Limestone is brighter.

If you like wearing a bold top eyeliner, I recommend one of our gel liners. It's a smooth consistency and the formula is very long lasting. Applying a thin bold line with it is easy with a thin liner brush. Our Indelible Gel Eyeliners come in a variety of colors, including this deep green called Endangered. They can even be used as a creme eyeshadow, but you need to work with it quickly because once it dries it's difficult to move and blend.

For a dramatic eye look, check out our Eye Kandy Glitters! We have a huge collection of all their colors.

To learn and practice a complete fall makeup look, don't miss our next Ladies Night on Wednesday September 13th from 6:30-9pm. This class will focus on Fall Makeup Refresh, which means we'll be creating an autumnal makeup look featuring a lot of the colors and trends that are hot this season. We hope to see you there!

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