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Custom Blend Foundation

Finding the right foundation is one of the biggest struggles makeup wearers face when shopping. If it’s even the slightest bit off, you’re left with a ring around your face like you’re wearing a mask. The right foundation will melt right into your skin and look seamless. In every big box makeup store, the lighting isn’t conducive to finding the right foundation match. It might look great in the store when you try it on, but once you put it on at home you’re left wondering how it could be so far off.

The Makeup Studio offers Custom Blend Foundation. We only take these appointments during the day so we can take you outside and see how it looks in the natural daylight. It usually takes us about ten minutes, but I would suggest allowing for a half hour. Our makeup artists will not sell you a foundation that doesn’t look flawless with your skin tone. Once we find your perfect match, we bottle your custom formula for you to take home. This product only costs $40, which is more affordable than any high end brand you can buy at the large chain stores. We also teach you the best way to prep your skin, apply your foundation, and set it so it stays. This varies depending on your skin type.

Our clients often ask us “do you write down my formula for when I need to get a new bottle?” Believe it or not, the answer is NO! Our skin can change overtime depending on how much sunlight you’re getting and even hormones can play a role. Every time you buy a new bottle we will find your perfect match so we can be assured it is spot on.

Our most popular formula is our Aloe Foundation. It’s very lightweight with medium coverage, so it never looks or feels cakey. The aloe formula is very hydrating and is perfect for those with dry-normal skin. It gives you a healthy glow and looks super natural. Your friends will no longer say “your foundation looks great!” but “you’re skin looks great!” instead.

For oily skin, we also offer Perfect Finish Foundation. This is a matte formula with more coverage. If your skin is oily, stay away from foundations that are labeled “dewey” or “hydrating.” It most likely won’t last very long and will slide right off your skin. It can also make you look overly shiny. This formula might look dry or cakey on somebody with dry skin, but it’s perfect for those who already have a lot of oil production.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to get your skin in a bottle! Our clients call it a game changer.

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