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Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Written by Skylar Peluso


They say the eyes are the window to the soul, so the key is to make them stand out! Color chemistry is a huge factor to consider in makeup. You can take your makeup to the next level by knowing what eyeshadow compliments your eye color the most.


If you have blue eyes, stick with warm colors to provide a contrast that will make your eye color especially pop! You can buy our Crown shimmer eyeshadow in the color Egyptian Sunset right at The Makeup Studio. For a striking look, our velvet metallic shadow in the color Hot Pursuit will deliver. Green eyed beauties should try using purple and mauve tones. A few more choices at our store include Crown’s eyeshadow in the color Love Potion and Merlot. Come by and try out The Makeup Studio’s metallic velvet shadow in the color Unicorn. It is a beautiful lilac purple with shimmering blue crystal pigments.

Because brown eyes look best when complimented by bronze and gold shadows. They will also look amazing with a bold electric blue color. Look for Crown’s shimmer eye shadow in Marsala and The Makeup Studio’s metallic velvet shadows in Blueprint and Golden Eye. Since hazel eyes are the middle ground between brown and green, both warm and cool tones can look great! Are you looking to bring out the green in your eyes? Try a beautiful green shadow. We suggest Crown’s shimmer eyeshadow in Crown Jewel and The Makeup Studio’s metallic velvet shadow in Under The Sea.

Our talented staff can help you find the colors in this post. If you have any more questions about color theory or makeup suggestions, we are here to help. The Makeup Studio is here to help our lovely clients achieve the beauty of their dreams. Remember to have fun while experimenting with these complementary colors!

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