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Four Makeup Looks to Try This Fall

By Noelle Park

With the weather changing comes new trends and styles in makeup. At the Makeup Studio, our mission is to inspire and educate in makeup artistry so we’re excited to share eyeshadow and lipstick pairing that you should try this fall.

Metallic grays and pink, nude lipstick:

Fall makeup is a great transition time from the bright eyeshadows and light makeup to deep, sultry eye looks. If you like smokey eyes, try adding a pop of shimmer eyeshadows with dark grays and black shadows. We also recommend pairing with a nude or light pink lipstick to complete the look. The fall season is also all about balance so pairing a lighter lip color with dark eyes is an excellent and cohesive way to wear dark eye makeup.

To recreate this look, try our nude pink Creme lipsticks and Crown Tuscany Eyeshadow Collection.

Greens and emerald tone eyeshadows with peach lipgloss:

Greens and emerald shades are back this fall. This unexpected color can transform your makeup looks this fall. Pair a shimmery olive toned or emerald eyeshadow and a peach lipstick to create a creative, sultry eye look. Try our Enchanted Metallic Velvet Eyeshadow or Under The Sea to create a mesmerizing green look this fall. Blend with a gray or black shadow to create a smokey eye.

You can also pair gold shadows with a green eyeliner to add some more green hues into your eye looks. Our Envy Me Ultimate Eyeliner is a perfect addition to your makeup collection.

Burnt orange and copper eyes with brown lipstick:

Orange, red, and copper tones are perfect for fall and brown lipstick is also making a comeback. You can blend orange and copper tones with dark browns to create a soft, autumn-inspired smokey eye. Combine with a light or dark brown lipstick to spice up your look. Our Crown Fogo Beauty eyeshadow palette has a perfect mix of matte and shimmer shadows. The palette includes deep reds, shimmery oranges, and dark browns.

Brown lipsticks are also an elegant and unique choice this fall and the Makeup Studio has a large selection of brown lip products, from lip glosses to matte lipsticks. Our Lumi Creme lipsticks in the shades “Hot Chocolate” and “Spiced Latte” are ultra smooth and give a rich color.

Dark red lips and metallic cream eyeshadow:

The dark red lip is in full force this fall and we recommend wearing a deep burgundy and purple lipstick with metallic, shimmer eyeliner or cream eyeshadows. Cream eyeshadows give rich pigments so they are a perfect product to pair with dark red lips. You can also wear metallic cream eyeshadows with a brown lipstick or lipgloss. Our Indelible Cream Eye Shadows apply smoothly and give a rich pigment.

There are so many other trends that are popping up this fall, but we hope you enjoyed these unique makeup looks that you can incorporate into your makeup routine.

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