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By Danielle Smeraldo

Did you know that lip care does WONDERS for your lips and the over all appearance of your

face??? Lip care will not only keep your lips from getting chapped, it will plump them, keep

them from aging, and make your lipstick look so much better too!!

Here is what you need to get luscious, juicy lips:

1) Start at night and massage your lips with a lip exfoliator to take off any dead skin, and

apply a lip moisturizer right after. Be sure the lip moisturizer is on also at night before you

go to bed. This will work all night long to take away any peeling and have you waking up

with a nice clean canvas.

2) In the morning, before putting makeup on, apply a lip balm such as Benjamin Soap Co.

Vanilla Chai Lip Balm. This will keep your lips hydrated all day and will also help prime your

lips for lipstick.

3) Be sure to use lip SPF on days that are super sunny to prevent aging and protect your skin.

4) Now show off those lips with a lipliner, lipstick, and top it with a lipgloss to enhance them to their fullest potential!!!

5) Be ready to receive a ton of compliments on your new pout that will look bouncier, more

healthy, and will be shaped perfectly enhancing your entire face once you put a liner and

perfect color combo of your choice on top of that!

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