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June Color of the Month- Cloud Dancer

For June we wanted to pick a color we’re seeing everywhere for summer fashion. It’s simple, classic, unisex, and clean. White linen dresses, white background to tropical prints, white nail polish, white accessories like pearls and clutches, and of course white makeup. Incorporating this neutral into your every day June style is almost too easy. It's one of the best colors to compliment your summer tan!

Cinema Secret’s Pearl Illuminating Powder is perfect for giving your face an iridescent, frosty glow. It’s like applying finely ground pearls to your face. I love this product as a highlighter on the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the chin, and even on the shoulders and collarbone if you’re rocking a strapless dress. I often apply it on top of eyeshadow to add a frosted shine. Since this powder is so light, it really pops on dark or sun kissed skin but also looks stunning on lighter complexions.

If an illuminating powder isn't bold enough for you, try layering it with white glitter for a high-powdered shimmer. The Makeup Studio carries every color of Eye Kandy Glitter you could dream of, including Marshmallow Sugar.

Gloss Babe makes some of the best glosses I’ve ever tried. I cannot recommend them enough. The texture is smooth and not sticky at all. They also come in a variety of fun flavors! Seriously the best tasting lip glosses I’ve ever come across. You can wear them on their own for a more natural look, or put them over your favorite lipstick for long-lasting shine. Try one of their white glosses to complete your summer look!

Stop by The Makeup Studio to try all of these white makeup products and more!

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