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Large Chain Makeup Stores vs. The Makeup Studio

Written by Allie R.

After years of experience in the beauty industry, I am thrilled to be a new addition to The Makeup Studio team! I’ve worked with large chain beauty suppliers in the past, and it is so refreshing to be in the environment of an independent makeup studio. Here are some of the biggest differences I’ve noticed:

1. Individualized Attention

In a large retail chain you don’t receive the unique experience and attention that you get at a smaller makeup studio. In a larger store there isn’t enough time or effort put into the individual person. It’s often about the amount of people you can assist to make the most money. However, at The Makeup Studio you are able to receive the individualized attention and knowledge of the professional artist you are working with. When you come in it is our priority to give you that one-on-one experience that so often is lacking in a larger retail chain store.

2. Level of Expertise

The artists hired at The Makeup Studio come with years of experience and training in professional makeup artistry and skincare. Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case in larger retail environments. They are there to help the customer but sell product above all else. Therefore you might not get the professional training or knowledge of products that you need.

3. Products

This one is a little personal for me. In a larger chain makeup store you are only exposed to the products of the larger retail marketed companies they carry. These big brands often come with a lot of extra added filler ingredients that are mass produced in large quantities. What I appreciate about The Makeup Studio is the products carried are from smaller brands that use clean, natural ingredients and make everything in small batches. It’s very refreshing as an esthetician to know where the products are coming from and what ingredients are being used.

4. Environment

Often when you visit a larger retail chain store it can be an overwhelming and uncomfortable experience. Not only do you not feel the level of experience from the staff, you also tend to feel like someone is just trying to sell you something. There is no time or effort to show you how to correctly use a product, therefore you’re left with no teaching or training on it. At The Makeup Studio the artists have a different perspective: we want to train you and teach you how to use your makeup correctly. We want you to be a return client and we know that comes with the knowledge and comfort that you receive here. It means something to us to grow by working together with our clients to ensure the best experience. You cannot get that level of service at a larger retail chain store because there isn’t an emphasis on the client. That is the most important thing to us: your experience.

5. Services

Large chain retail stores do not offer the variety of services that The Makeup Studio has to offer. Whether it’s a makeup application or a makeup lesson, we can custom tailor the experience to what you need. We teach professional makeup courses as well as fun Ladies Night classes for the beauty enthusiast and beginners! And don’t forget about our quick services like Made Over in Minutes (a quick 20 minute makeover for an event you don’t want to be too made up for) and Lash in a Dash: you buy the lash and we apply it for free every time!

Our Custom Blend Foundation service is something you cannot find anywhere else. We only take these appointments during the day so we can see how the foundation looks on your skin in the daylight. How often have you purchased a foundation that looked great in the bright lights of the store only to find out it doesn’t look right in any other lighting? We won’t sell you anything that’s not right for you.

Looking forward to meeting or working with you all soon. Knowledge in beauty is power.

XO Allie

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