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Makeup Kit Essentials

Written by Skylar Peluso


Correctly packing your makeup kit for clients is vital when you’re a professional makeup artist. Being prepared for every makeup situation will not only give you confidence. You will look professional and your client will have that same confidence in you. Set a positive tone for your appointment. An effective method to make sure you pack everything is to make a checklist. Write down your makeup process and all the products and tools you plan on using. Always take your time. This process also serves as a great opportunity to sort through your collection. Toss out any expired products that may not be useful anymore.

Makeup kit essentials include your best products and brushes. Keep your client's skin type and desired makeup look in mind. After you have a clear picture of the look you want to create, pack your products accordingly. Another important essential to keep in your kit is sanitation products. Paper towels, 99% alcohol (to clean your makeup tools), micellar water, q-tips, and cotton rounds are artist essentials. A Makeup Studio artist never shows up for a client without them. If by chance you do forget to pack something you need, it is crucial to figure out how to make it work the best you can and still be professional. Remember that confidence is key, and when you’re fully prepared it will come easy!

List of Supplies


Eyebrow pencils, gel Eyeshadows Eyeliners Mascara & disposable spoolie brushes Lashes & backup pair



Skin Prep

Brushes & Tools


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