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October Color of the Month: Lantern Gold

For October’s color of the month we chose a color that was all over the runway for Fall/Winter 2023. It’s a warm, light, buttery, brownish yellow. It is a Pantone color called Lantern Gold. This color is very popular for jackets, boots, bags, and belts. It’s the perfect color to incorporate into your fall makeup looks, especially for work or school when you’re under fluorescent lighting. This color will really pop under fluorescent lighting.

If you’re interested in learning more about how lighting conditions effect your makeup we teach very thorough lighting theory lessons in our Professional Makeup Courses because a makeup artist needs to know how to do makeup for any lighting scenario.

If you’re not interested in pursuing a career in makeup, we also offer Private One-on-One Lessons for the beauty enthusiast to learn how to do makeup for their own face. An instructor also explains the basics of our lighting theory curriculum so you know what colors and products to use for the various lighting conditions you find yourself under most often.

To add a bold pop of gold to your makeup, any of the Eye Kandy Glitters from their Amber Gold collection will take your look to the next level. We love these glitters because you can add just a touch for a more subtle shimmer, or really pile it on for a super glam look.

One of the Blush Glows from The Makeup Studio Collection called Victory falls right in line with our color of the month. I know what you're thinking: "yellow? for blush??" I thought the exact same thing which is why I didn't bother testing this product until months after working here! I was amazed how much I loved it after finally trying it out. I liked it so much I was annoyed at myself for ignoring it for so long. It gave me a beautiful golden glow. A lot of people seem to not realize you can absolutely use blushes as eye shadows. I love products that are multifunctional. If you're skeptical about using Victory as a blush, give it a shot on your eyelids! Stop by The Makeup Studio to try it and see for yourself.

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