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Mindful Makeup Application

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

Written by Dawn Maloney


Applying makeup with intention is key to a beautiful makeup application. Setting an intention will get you the results you are looking for. We plan and prepare for mindful makeup applications. Before I begin any makeover, I visualize the outcome that I want to create. Then I organize the products and tools that I will need for this makeover. This system makes it easy to find what I need. I look through my organized colors and consider what will work best with my client's complexion and skin type. Finally, I apply the makeup in an efficient order that allows the makeup to set properly.

*Message to Makeup Artists* It’s important to understand a very simple equation that I have coined: the Product + Tool + Technique = A Result. With the necessary products and tools, coupled with professional techniques, your final result will be exactly what you envisioned. This is intentional makeup: visualized, planned, and professionally executed.

You can not go wrong if you take your time to prepare and plan your makeover. It may seem unnecessary at first to a beginner makeup artist, but soon you realize how important a planned, intentional makeup application is. It increases your speed by avoiding mistakes and messes. A mindful makeup application also relieves the stress of the unknown because you have the result in mind. These tips will keep you focused in a high-paced, high-anxiety environment.

Try using these tips in your next makeover and let us know how they worked for you. We love hearing from you!

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