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On-Location Bridal Services

Written by Allie Rosenkrantz

Hello again lovely ladies and gentlemen! Recently I had the pleasure of going on my first ever on location bridal service job with the talented team at The Makeup Studio. What an experience it was! After 20 plus years as a makeup artist and esthetician I am no stranger to the bridal industry. I thought I pretty much had everything down to a science. I was wrong. In the best way. I have never worked so smoothly and efficiently in my entire career. I have always taken pride in my professionalism in this industry. But I have never worked more quickly and professionally than when I performed this first bridal service with The Makeup Studio team.

Starting with timing. It is true that in our industry timing is extremely important. So when we arrived more than a half an hour early, setting up for our 7am start time was a breeze. With all of our supplies, including our own lighting and all of our products carefully set up in a strategic, successful fashion we were ready to go! One beautiful face after the next. I love making people look and feel beautiful. It’s what I love to do. I have never been known for my speed in doing this work. However, I could not believe what I was able to accomplish in the time I was doing it. And the same goes for my amazing co workers as well. Having a great set up and maintaining organization while working makes all the difference! Each product had its place so no time was wasted looking for what I needed.

When you have the confidence in knowing you are set up for success from beginning to end, the sky’s the limit in what you can accomplish. And did I mention the beautiful, polished, clean work that we were performing for our clients?

I think another point of difference that needs to be mentioned is the quality of the work we were performing. The advanced makeup training that I recently received from Dawn at The Makeup Studio upped my game as a professional makeup artist. Because I was trained in her own personal one-of-a-kind method of foolproof anatomical makeup application I was quickly able to assess my clients needs in what would be the perfect choices for them. Due to Dawn’s extensive lighting and color theory training I was able to assess the best color choices for the particular client and occasion. All while I was prepping the skin to begin the makeup. Talk about efficiency!

We were able to finish all 10 of our clients by slightly past 10:30am, meaning we were able to clean up and be gone before the photographer arrived at 11am. And the result was beautiful, professional long lasting makeup artistry that pleased all of our clients. I was so excited and proud of the job that we did. I cannot wait until the next one and the next one! I feel very fortunate to be part of this growing team of artists and I can’t wait to see what our future brings. Don’t just take my word for it, book a consultation with us for our makeup services today. You will not be disappointed.

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