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The Makeup Studio Presents the December Color of the Month

Written by Valerie Delucca


I adore this time of year, wrapping the year up and wrapping presents. I enjoy taking this time to reflect on the year behind me with a bitter-sweet sentiment. We survived a pandemic and the world is still adjusting to a new normal. Some things are so good, however, they will survive the test of time. So, for December, we selected a classic color- one that will always be associated with the holiday season. This color is bold, sexy, sophisticated, and looks good on EVERYONE! Cherry red will never do out of style.

Red is certainly the most prominent color, being strong, bold, and appealing. Red alerts us that we should be cautious. In essence, the color red helps to protect us from harm.  Though the color causes us to pause, it also delivers immense warmth. We can't help but feel safe when scarlet catches our gaze.

Wearing the color red is timeless and romantic. It evokes feelings of desire and awe. It is feminine and confident. Wearing a bright red lip expresses intention. In makeup artistry, it becomes one of the two most difficult products to work with, the other being black (a non-color). Red always leaves a mark in more ways than one due to the deep pigmentation used to create it.

The Makeup Studio offers the most stunning cherry red products to experiment with. Take a look through the collection below. If you are not sure or hesitant about introducing red into your makeup kit, come to The Studio! Our expert artists can assist you in exploring the subtle ways to use red in your day to day.

Have a wonderful December month surrounded by family, light, and love.

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