Welcome Beauty to MakeupClasses.com

Updated: Jun 1

Written by Dawn Maloney


MakeupClasses.com welcomes you to our new website! This is the virtual home to a state-of-the-art company who embraces change; as the world grows, we grow with it. The beauty world is always evolving and we are here to spread the joy that comes along with this industry! The Makeup Studio is inclusive and welcoming in every aspect of our business. MakeupClasses.com is a supportive and uplifting environment. Here makeup artists and enthusiasts can share their ideas, get tips and tricks, and get involved with a wonderful community.

Our approach to makeup is anatomical: we focus on facial harmony, symmetry, and proportions. Dawn Maloney, founder and CEO, executes this approach flawlessly. She is the only person in the world that teaches makeup for 49 face shapes, 36 lip combinations, and 24 eye combinations. This is the most revolutionary theory in makeup application today!