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A Makeup Artist's Makeup Kit Essentials

Written by Skylar Peluso


A fully equipped makeup kit is the foundation of your makeup artistry career. The Makeup Studio thrives on prepping professional artists with everything they need to take on any makeover. Learn what essential products we recommend to students, clients, and professionals!

An essential skincare product I use in my kit is our Rose Petal Face Cream from Pin Up Cosmetics. This product is enriched with pure rose essential oil and leaves the skin nourished and prepped for glamor. This will create a boundary between your client’s skin and their makeup, preventing any breakouts.

A staple eyeshadow palette to always keep in your kit is the Crown Tuscany Eyeshadow Palette. It includes 35 colors with a combination of rustic pinks, golds, and browns in both matte and shimmer shades. The amount of eyeshadow looks you can create with this are endless!

Always make sure you bring black and brown pencil eyeliner! Our ultimate eyeliners in Ninja (black) and Meteor (brown), will complete any eye look. They’re long-lasting, waterproof, and will give you a precise line every time!

It is important to provide options when packing lashes in your kit. Try to include different types of natural and more dramatic lashes, as well as individuals in case they prefer them! Our selection of Ardell lashes is endless and super affordable, so be sure to check them out!

The best mascara to bring with you is the Fresame Volumizer Mascara. It is an all-natural mascara that not only thickens the lashes but nourishes them as well! It's long-lasting and will make your eyelashes pop without fail!

A great universal foundation to keep in your makeup kit is The Makeup Studio’s Aloe Foundation. This product perfects the skin, looks natural, and is extremely hydrating!

A must-have concealer for your makeup kit is our brand-new River Organics Zero Waste Concealer Collection! These concealers work like magic and come in a beautiful range of shades. Not to mention, they are all natural and vegan!

When packing blush, bronzer, and powders, it's most convenient to bring palettes. This guarantees you'll have the perfect shade for your client, and you can even mix different shades to create the perfect color! Some great products to consider are the: Crown Pro Blush/Highlight Palette, Crown Pro Concealer/Contour Palette, and Crown Pro 6 Color Pressed Powder Foundation Palette!

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